I haven’t done any posts in a while. Things have been crazy around here. We are starting an addition to the house, plus I’ve had kids home sick from school. I’ve hardly even been on the computer, which is a rarity for me.

Here are a couple of “before” pictures of where the addition will be going:

Our addition will be 20×30 feet with a garage and a family room above it, which will connect with the current kitchen. Our kitchen will get a major makeover, too, which is long overdue. We had to tear down our screened porch to make way for the addition, but we will be adding a new one which will be larger than the previous screened porch. We are planning to put a fireplace on the screened porch, too. I’m really excited about that. We have used our porch so much over the years. I’m missing it right now, with the May flies out in full force, but I’m looking forward to the better version of it to come. So far, the site has been excavated, and the foundation has been poured, and the area back filled. We are just waiting on delivery of the I beams, and then the framing can begin!

This is what it looks like now:

Also, this week, I’m planning to head to Brimfield (Massachusetts) for the Brimfield Fair, a huge antiques and collectibles fair in the town of Brimfield, MA. It’s held three times a year; for a few days during May, July and September. If you are looking for something, chances are you’ll find it at Brimfield. I’ve been going to Brimfield since I was a baby pushed in a stroller. I’ve missed the last couple of years, but this year I’ve coordinated with my husband to take over the kid duties for me on that day. I’ll try to take lots of pictures, so look for a future post on my adventures at Brimfield.