Hike To Soapstone Hill – Quabbin Reservoir


On a recent Saturday (April 11, 2020), Rob and I decided to head out to the Quabbin Reservoir, and in particular, Soapstone Hill. We had tried to get there a few weeks before, but the directions I had followed were a little misleading. Once I realized my mistake, those directions made sense, but still, […]

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Reseller Winter Blues

As a reseller, I’m starting to get antsy. It’s now February 1st and I’m jonesing for some yard sales. Even the estate sale game has been a little slim. I’ve resorted to trolling Facebook Marketplace and even Craigslist for some furniture flips and smalls. Admittedly, I have plenty of furniture to work on, and […]

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Day Hike To Lye Brook Falls, Manchester, VT

Lye Brook Falls – Manchester, VT
On a recent April day we took a day hike to Lye Brook Falls in Manchester, VT. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in the mid sixties, with very few bugs and no leaves on the trees yet. Hiking this way gave me a new perspective; I was able […]

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Out of the Book and On To the Table – Slow Cooker Beer Chicken

In my quest to become less of a recipe hoarder, I recently made a recipe that I found, called Slow Cooker Beer Chicken. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it’d be.



I’m usually pretty good at picking out recipes to try. There have been very few duds. This one, however, was not that great. […]

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Out Of the Book and On To the Table

I’ve managed to keep up with my vow to become less of a recipe hoarder and more of a recipe maker. In my post back in November, I wrote about how I am very good at collecting recipes, but not so good at making new ones. I do love trying new recipes, but it’s […]

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Are You a Recipe Hoarder?

Recently I’ve come to the realization that I’m a recipe hoarder. One day I was looking at my Recipes board on Pinterest and saw that I have collected close to 800 pins. How many of these have I actually made? Nowhere near 800, that’s for sure. I also have a cabinet full of cook books, and […]

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Tweed’s Memories For Sale

We’ve got a really interesting estate sale coming up on Sunday, October 18th at Tweed’s Pub on Grove St. in Worcester, MA. The owner is retiring after 36 years in business serving great food and providing excellent service. Lots and lots of items that hung on the walls and decorated the restaurant over the years will […]

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Adventures At Niagara Falls & How I Kept My Camera Safe From All That Water

My family and I visited Niagara Falls for the first time this summer. It was amazing! So beautiful! It was about a seven hour drive pulling a pop up camper, and making several pit stops. Long drive, but well worth it.

We booked a camp site at Four Mile Creek State Park in Youngstown, NY, which […]

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REC Farmers Market Worcester, MA


This spring, I was asked to participate in the Regional Environmental Council’s Farmers Market. It takes place in Worcester, MA at Beaver Brook Park on Chandler St. across from Foley Stadium on Mondays and Fridays, although I’m there on Fridays only. When I was asked I was surprised, honored and a little scared. I’d […]

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We’ve Got Space!

Hey, that’s not too bad – one blog post every 9 or 10 months! I’m starting to think that this is the story of my life! Other things just take priority over blogging. That’s fine with me. I’m not going to go crazy trying to get stuff up on here.But today, the spirit moved […]

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