Things that interest me, or projects that I’ve worked on can be found here. Enjoy!



First Congregational Church – Spencer, MA

I don’t know what it is about this church, but I love to take pictures of it. It sits up high from the street, and its steeple seems to rise up indefinitely. There’s also a really cool cemetery behind it with lots of old stones. It’s a great place to walk and explore.

Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking (T-Shirt) Bag

I love how this bag turned out! Sometimes mistakes turn into something wonderful. I cut the T-Shirt and didn’t like the length. I thought it was too short, so I added the Waverly Rose fabric to the bottom. I also lined the bag with the same Waverly fabric. The fabric coordinates beautifully with the […]

Nantucket Pillow

I love how this Nantucket pillow turned out! It is a handmade, removable pillow cover made from denim. The pillow form is made from down. The graphic is from a t-shirt depicting an Oversand¬†Vehicle Permit from 2008. It would be perfect for a beach house, dorm, or as a gift for someone who loves […]

Vintage Paint By Number

I recently stocked my booth with some vintage paint by numbers. I must have about twenty of them up there. Some are quite valuable and sold for what I consider to be decent prices on ebay.

Milk Painted Waterfall China Cabinet

Each time I refurbish a piece I learn something new. This china cabinet was definitely one of those times.