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This spring, I was asked to participate in the Regional Environmental Council’s Farmers Market. It takes place in Worcester, MA at Beaver Brook Park on Chandler St. across from Foley Stadium on Mondays and Fridays, although I’m there on Fridays only. When I was asked I was surprised, honored and a little scared. I’d never given a thought to setting up at a farmers market and selling my stuff.

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Some of my room sprays. They smell great!

I started at the beginning of July and so far it’s been a positive experience. The customers have been great, and the REC has been wonderful and easy to work with. I’ve gotten positive feedback from the people who have bought my stuff, which has been great.

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I love how this bag turned out!

Some of the goodies that I’ve been carrying: room sprays, homemade laundry soap, pillows, pouches, tote bags, chalkboard frames and Real Milk Paint. Everything except the milk paint is made by me.

I have so many ideas running through my head of things I’d like to add to my space at the farmers market, but I only have a limited amount of time to create. I guess that’s what the winter is for.

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For a few weeks I was able to offer bouquets cut fresh from my garden.

The market will run until October 30th, so stop by and check out your local farmers, crafters and bakers selling their goods. I know that we all appreciate your support.



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