This is what started my obsession: a watermelon pink Brother Festival 471.  I paid way too much for it and didn’t even notice that it didn’t have a belt until I got it home.  On the plus side, it did come with a manual, and a bunch of attachments.  I had been looking for a vintage sewing machine, and when I saw this on Craigslist, I had to have it.  It came in a cabinet with several drawers.  I took this one out of it, and put another sewing machine in the cabinet. 

After I bought it, I took it to a repair person, who said that there were broken or cracked gears inside.  She said that the gears were cheap, but getting to them was the problem.  Basically, she couldn’t fix it.  So, I was stuck with a pretty pink sewing machine to use as a decoration.  Lesson learned: learn how to fix them myself, so that I can recognize potential problems in machines that catch my eye, and either avoid buying them, or fix them myself.

My Mother is convinced that I can fix this machine.  No matter that the woman with 40 years of experience says she CAN’T fix it.  It’s nice to have someone that thinks you can do anything.  I will keep this machine.  Who knows, maybe someday I CAN fix it.  I think it’d be really neat to sew on such a cool looking machine.