I just picked up some fabric yesterday for a new, quick project.  I will be attending a benefit over the weekend and I wanted to make something that could be raffled off to raise more money.  Of course, this idea occurred to me mere days before the event.  That’s great – another opportunity to work myself into a tizzy  (does anyone use the word tizzy anymore?).  I usually do get these wonderful ideas right before they need to be done.  Then I’m up until all hours of the night trying to get them finished. 

No worries, though.  This project is simple enough so that I shouldn’t have any problems.  I bought some flannel and coordinating fleece which I’m planning to sew together to make a warm, fuzzy, cuddly, blanket to use while sitting on the couch.  Before you know it, the really cold weather will be here, and it will be so comforting to snuggle up with this blanket. 

The flannel has a pink background with white and chocolate brown accents.  The fleece that I bought to coordinate is chocolate brown.  I love pink and brown together, and this should turn out just the way I’m imagining it. 

Pink ribbon awareness flannel and chocolate brown fleece

 I’ll post when the blanket is done.  I’m planning to work on it over the next couple of nights.