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REC Farmers Market Worcester, MA

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This spring, I was asked to participate in the Regional Environmental Council’s Farmers Market. It takes place in Worcester, MA at Beaver Brook Park on Chandler St. across from Foley Stadium on Mondays and Fridays, although I’m there on Fridays only. When I was asked I was surprised, honored and a little scared. I’d […]

So Much To Do

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In between estate sales, I’ve been finding ways to keep busy. Of course, there’s the regular everyday stuff that needs to get done. Unfortunately, that mountain of laundry that either needs to be washed or folded hardly ever seems to shrink, so, there’s always that. Our five dogs love attention, so when I have […]

I Can’t Get Used To It

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The “new” format for Blogger has been around for awhile now, right? I haven’t posted since they changed the  format. I just can’t get used to it! I think that I might just have to close my eyes and go for it, though. It’s been awful. Every time I feel like posting, I hold […]

It Sure Smells Good Around Here! Great Last Minute Gifts

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I just made up about 25 bottles of room spray. Scents I have available are: Apple Jack and Peel   Banana Nut BreadBlueberry CheesecakeCaramel LatteChristmas MemoriesChristmas WishCinnamon BunsFresh LaundryLavenderNana’s KitchenI’m selling them for $5.50 a bottle. They come in a 4 oz, amber colored, spray mist bottle, with a kraft paper label and a fabric accent […]