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Are You a Recipe Hoarder?

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Recently I’ve come to the realization that I’m a recipe hoarder. One day I was looking at my Recipes board on Pinterest and saw that I have collected close to 800 pins. How many of these have I actually made? Nowhere near 800, that’s for sure. I also have a cabinet full of cook books, and […]

Pumpkin Cake

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I made pumpkin cake for my Mother’s birthday.  I wanted to try something different, so I searched through my collection of community cookbooks.  I found an interesting recipe in a cookbook entitled, Something Special A collection of Ideas and Recipes for the Creative Hostess.  It was compiled by the Professional Members of the Junior […]

Community Cookbooks

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 A very small sampling of my community cookbooks. I absolutely LOVE community cookbooks.  They’re the cookbooks put out by churches, schools, and other groups, usually as a fundraiser.  They’re also called regional cookbooks.  If they’re vintage, I like them even more.  Oh yeah, if they’re cheap that’s a plus, too.  I look for them […]